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Jean-Jacques Ferron

Jean-Jacques Ferron, is a conceptual space designer and environmental artist who studied at the School of Fine Arts in Aix en Provence, the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg and l’Ecole Superieure des Beaux Arts in Paris,France where he graduated and obtained is Master Degree in 1976. He first started his career as a Theatrical Space Designer in France and in the USA. He Later worked in the field of commercial Space Planning for fashion designers and various industries. It is in 1988 that Mr. Ferron opened his first conceptual space in SoHo (Modern Stone Age) showcasing furniture and home products made only with natural materials such as Stone, Wood and Natural Fibers.

Since, he has developed his design practice into interior design and architecture working on various residential and commercial projects. Still moving forward into a more and more natural technic in Design, Jean-Jacques has further his style with an Holistic approach intending to emphasis on the well being and the intimate relationship flowing between humans and their shelters. He has been pushing design concepts and the use of natural materials to their limit and has found innovative ways to merge functionality with the environment. He celebrates natural textures, hence, creating surfaces to tease the touch or expose subtle shades playing with natural light that engage the eyes.

Carole Boy Ferron

Carole Boy Ferron graduated from IPMD, Interior Architectural School in Paris France and NYSID - New York School of Interior Design In NY (USA). An interior architect, furniture designer, window and store display designer and buyer in Paris and New York for 20 years, Carole Boy Ferron’s skills for integrating lifestyle into interior architecture refines the concept of “our home is our sanctuary”. Combining her conceptual approach with aesthetic elements from Eastern and Western design and her graceful and harmonious design skills, a prototype for an environmentally tuned lifestyle has emerged.

Jean-Jacques and Carole’s success at merging the meditative qualities of natural materials with real functions through a minimal yet relaxed and hospitable approach further using Feng Shui principals, made them survivors of an era of “design-for-its-sake” folly. Now regarded as leaders in their field, architects, design and decorative professionals, artists and private customers from all over the world call upon them.

Pure, natural and bold designs and architecture, Jean-Jacques and Carole invite you to see how simple it is to connect with your home again while Holistic Design and architecture is offered to you.

Now also in Bangkok Thailand, Jean-Jacques and Carole are involved in architectural projects in Krungthep (Bangkok) and Koh Samui, as well as in furniture design, interior architecture concepts and corporate Identities.

WITTAYU – Bangkok

They recently worked on 2 challenging private projects at the “Wittayu Complex” on Wireless Road in Bangkok. The condo flats did not offer many assets and had poor layout, bad natural lighting as well as heavy and unattractive materials. The challenge was to bring back light and lightness as well as Chi into these 2 two bedroom apartments and add flexibility within the space itself. With the use of noble materials such as wood, natural stone, silk, linen and the benefit of glass sliding partitions, the flat was metamorphoses into a variable and welcoming zen space and the Chi energy was restored. Carefully chosen accessories and designed furniture pieces were applied for the final harmonization of the project. (The smallest flat was completed in 2007, the larger unit in August 2008).


Another exciting project is the architectural extension work of the Kamalaya Resort in Koh Samui. Kamalaya is a quiet and peaceful 4 stars resort nested on the lush hills of the Island by the sea. As an Holistic retreat, it offers a full range of treatments such as cleansing and detox programs to Ayuvedic massages and therapies to Acupuncture and healing sound cures. When Jean-Jacques Ferron was asked to get involved in the project, it just was meant to be. Being an Holistic design consultant too, Mr. Ferron’s approach was totally in tuned with the new architectural needs of the resort. Reworking and redesigning the lobby, the public spaces, the restaurants and the gallery are the first steps of this large scale architectural project. Jean-Jacques is also currently involved on 2 private house architectural projects in Nagalaya and Lamai in Koh Samui as well. (Please do not hesitate to inquire about the progress of these projects).

MIST 1000 PARFUMS - Thailand

Being conceptual, both Jean-Jacques and Carole were hired to create the corporate identity of the new and first perfume chain in Thailand. Last year, they created MIST 1000 Parfums for their client Bel Perfumes. From the name, logo, look and feel to the interior architecture and display, they were able to work fast and the first store opened at the Esplanade on Ractchada in April 2007. In January 2008, the company Bel Perfumes opened their 7th location in Thailand! They are planing to open up to 15 stores within 2008 / 2009.


By late 2007, Carole was hired to create another corporate identity for a new store concept to be opened in NY (USA) in December 2007. The new concept is a space showcasing primarily high-hand, minimal and natural design products, lighting and furniture from South East Asia, primarily from Thailand. A new concept was born : LUSHBAAN®, a 400 m2 space in SoHo - Manhattan (USA).

We invite you to view some of the enclosed pictures and welcome you to meet the designers and/or visit the various projects. Please do not hesitate to ask for more pictures and information.

Jean-Jacques Ferron and Carole Boy Ferron can be reached at +668-5219-9230 or +668-9048-8451 or via their e-mail addresses at : or



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